David Williams – Workshop Manager
Here in the Universal Stars headquarters, we run an organized and productive workshop; watched over from the offices by Creative Director Natasha Martin and Technical Supervisors Cosmo Southall and Julie Wright. Having Utilized her experience in events production, LED tech- nology and electrical engineering, MD Natasha has trained and mentored Many professional staff who craft the products we provide. The care and dedication we put into our products has led us to an expert level of knowledge in LED technology and in knowing how to care for and apply our products to their optimum

Manufacturing StarCloths, Theatrical Draping, Power Supplies and Controllers for the entertainment industry is how this company started. After years of experience, we continue to manufacture as a prominent area of the business and expand our line with new and innovative Technologies and Power Systems.

Matt and Alex – Workshop Technicians
Holding arguably the largest stock of StarCloth and Theatrical Draping in the UK, combined with our expertise makes our Hire Service* reliable, consistent and professional. Dry Hire, Delivery or Installation from the UK to Brazil, Holland, Japan, Dubai, Worldwide our Hire department have the solution. Efficient and competent, all of our onsite teams are able to perform maintenance, make repairs or changes and operate all of our products.

Fully trained and professional, the Hire teams will deliver, install and de-rig in mere hours. A space as large as the London Excel’s Arenas can be dressed in 12 hours and de-rigged in 6, working through the night our Hire teams are coordinated and get the job done, with care and precision.

Cosmo Southall – Technical Supervisor

Aftercare maintenance and repairs is a specialty service that can keep your StarCloth(s) functioning indefinitely. Our StarCloths are extremely durable and have systems in place to protect the crucial components inside; however, like any complex technology there are components that fail after extensive use. A cloth came back to us after 12 years of activity in a terrifying state, missing wires, broken bulbs, repairs attempted by the crew in possession of the StarCloth. In 2 days we fixed and cleaned every inch of it as if it were brand new and sent it back with a few tips on care and maintenance. We truly are experts of our trade and will restore not only the StarCloths we produce but any StarCloth.

If you have purchased a StarCloth on a budget and found that it just doesn’t perform to your expectations then send it to us, our technicians and engineers will refit it with our own Light System and provide the means to power and control it. System Replacement is a service that extends farther than StarCloths and meets Draping, Paneling, LED Par Cans, PSUs and many more LED lighting technologies.